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Coworkers don't know where to find answers

Knowledge is spread between teams, tools and even messages. Searching information become a real brain teaser. Let Blotter becomes your unique source of truth.


Coworkers don't know who to ask for

When your company is growing fast, it becomes difficult to identify subject experts. Blotter automatically assign the good person based on the information you need.


Coworkers want to onboard their peers as fast as possible

We help you define and select topics that your new comers should definitely read and learn to ramp-up quickly.


Coworkers don't want to read a 5000+ lines wiki

With Blotter, we praise Q&A and succinct answers over long written texts. Give your collaborators the power to find the answers they're looking for.


Coworkers always ask the same questions

Be distracted by repetitive questions is a common issue and asking can put your collaborators uncomfortable. Create a reusable and searchable answer accessible to all your team.

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